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New Asbury Farm Local Lamb
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41469 Springvalley Lane

Leesburg, VA  20175



Shoulder Roasts--

             Bone-In $10/lb & Boneless $12/lb

Rib Roasts--

             Rib Roasts $18/lb & Frenched Racks $20/lb

Loin Roasts--

             Bone-In $18/lb & Boneless $20/lb

Leg Roasts--

             Bone-In $14/lb & Boneless/Boneless Butterflied $16/lb

Leg Steaks $10/lb
Leg Stew Meat $12/lb
Leg Kabobs $14/lb
Ground Lamb $12/lb
Lamb Sausage $14/lb


"I just wanted to let you know how delicious your lamb is.  We have never tasted any lamb with such flavor and texture before.   You are really producing a superlative product!”  D.R., Lovettsville, VA

“I’ve got to say, we’ve tried half a dozen other lamb producers, and none come close.  Your meat simply tastes the best.”  T.E., Washington, DC
“Bill and Joan consistently deliver the highest quality lamb that I have tasted. My dinner guests particularly rave about the lamb burgers and the legs of lamb - both bone-in and boneless. The meat is rich, tender and melts in the mouth. The flavor is also delicate and subtle. Highly recommended.”  P.B., Washington, DC



We are a small family farm located on 12 rolling acres south of Leesburg, Virginia, convenient to Ashburn and Brambleton, off Evergreen Mills Rd.
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Our goal is to produce healthy, tender and flavorful local lamb for our customers, while raising our sheep in the most natural environment possible.  Our sheep graze freely on lush green pastures, enjoying fresh air and naturally pure well water.  
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Our production method is called "intensive grazing management".  We frequently relocate our flock which allows the pastures to recover quickly from grazing, prevents erosion from overgrazing, and promotes a healthier flock.
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No antibiotics or growth hormones!  Our White Dorper breed is naturally fast growing and heavily muscled, so we do not need to feed growth hormones.  The sheep are out in the fresh air, not confined in an enclosed space, so we do not need to feed antibiotics.  Their diet consists mainly of grass in the pastures, essential minerals, hay in winter and before turning out onto new lush pasture, and also barley and a little corn whichs add marbling and a sweetness to the flavor.  Our customers love it!
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10,000 miles fresher!

We are proud members of the following organizations:

Lamb Loin Chops

Lamb Rib Chops

We are located near Brambleton, off Evergreen Mills Rd, one half mile north of Ryan Rd, the first driveway on the right on Springvalley Lane.

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